Apropos of Decency

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If there's one thing that most divides Americans right now, it's immigration. Some support open borders, while others believe in a controlled immigration system. Whatever our stance on the issue, one thing is for sure: the conditions in which children and adults are being forced to live on our soil are appalling, and we cannot stand for it.

But what can we *actually* do? With our jobs, and families that depend on those jobs, most of us simply can't travel down to the border and help in the ways we most wish we could.

So we donate to the great organizations that advocate for those who need it most. 10% of every single purchase you make here is donated to a monthly rotation of charities. This month, we will be donating to FamiliesBelongTogether.org

Politics aside, separating families and putting them in cages is heinous, and Americans must demand better.

Here's to an everyday filled with beauty for all.


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